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Coaches Information

Interested in Coaching for the 2021 Season?  Register here:
    Sparta Rocket & Flag Football Coaching Registration for 2021. 
    Send us an email and we will be in touch!

In order to coach in the Sparta Youth Football League, flag and rocket coaches must:
  1. sign and return the NRFL Ethical Standards Form to the league

Rocket Coaches must submit to a background check
  1. provide a copy of your valid Michigan drivers license to the league
  2. sign and return background check waiver form
  3pass a background check

Rocket coaches must pass on-line NRFL rules quiz
  1. Instructions for quiz can be found at this link.
  2. this ID is required to be on the sidelines at games.  IDs will be validated before each game.
  3. Head coaches must take and pass an online course provided by USA Football.

Rocket coaches must pass USA Football online certification class
    1. You must register on the USA Football website, and use the promo code for Sparta
    2. Sparta code is: nrflsparta15
        a. Please use the promo code
        b. Promo code allows us to track who passed the course
    3. Instructions are at:Instructions PDF
    4Cost is $ (with discount) – YOU WILL BE REIMBURSED BY SYFL
    6Deadline for completing certification is May 31.

Upcoming meeting dates: